August 2019 Changelog

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August 2019 Changelog

Mon Aug 26, 2019 11:15 am

Version 1.3

The server has been open for roughly 3 months and now I bring you version 1.3. Version 1.4 could may well be the last major update for the SA-MP server as I devote more of my time to the RAGE-MP server. The server is up for additional month because of the generosity of our donators. Here is the changelog for 1.3. Thank you for sticking by this far.
New Features
  • Rules system to allow players to view rules and for staff to force players to read a rule.
  • In-game registration system.
  • Trust system to complement in-game registration.
  • Holster system to show weapons on a player's body.
  • Allow donators to change their vehicle plates and fighting style.
  • Added useful commands such as /onduty and /beacons.
  • Profanity Filter.
  • Anti-bunnyhop system.
  • Prevent people from ninja-jacking other players.
  • Players can now shout in and outside interiors.
  • Let players choose between sending messages in IC chat or lobby chat while they are in the lobby.
  • Let players leave rounds by using /leaveround.
  • Tutorial for new players.
  • Allow admins to temp-ban players.
  • Stolen cruisers are limited to 60 MPH.
  • Several new maps created by @ buq & @ bonk.
  • Vests created by @ Mussy & @tom are available via /objects.
Improvements and fixes
  • A pursuit is now selected from a collection of pursuits determined when the server starts.
  • A /me line has been added to /repair.
  • A bind for /engine.
  • Fix issues with /kill sending duplicate death messages to kill log.
  • Fixes an issue where skins were changed after entering interiors.
  • HSIU vehicle during HSIU pursuits are limited to Deputy Sheriff II+.
  • Frozen players will not be able to deal or take damage when entering interiors.
  • Force players into animations when they run out of taser charge.
  • Re-implement original SA-MP functions such as GetPlayerWeapon due to issues with vehicles.
  • Simplify weapon skill levels so Hitman is given when players have linked a discord account.
  • Fix issues with returning from drive-by.
  • Allow admins to load HSIU pursuits separately.
  • Allow armour to be bought in the first 30 seconds of a pursuit.
  • Bind /l to lobby chat.
  • Restrict Sultan to level 35+.
  • Reduce nametag draw distance.
  • Shotguns from tactical situations

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