December 2019 Changelog

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December 2019 Changelog

Sun Dec 22, 2019 4:29 pm

Version 2.0

A largest and most game changing update to date. 2.0 brings a death system, randomised vehicle pursuits amongst other new features. This update has also made way for development on the GTA-V project. Although slightly weak in numbers, I am determined to put out updates.
New Features
  • Players are now able to pass guns to each other.
  • A new HUD system that allows players to hide/edit HUD elements.
  • Randomised criminal vehicles in pursuits to eliminate reptitiveness.
  • Damage Logging. Damage is now logged until a player dies.
  • A death system has been added. Players go into a wounded state before being executed. A corpse spawns at the place of death.
  • Corpses. Corpses spawn when players are executed. They store damage data as well as a player's weapons when they died. Other players are able to take weapons from corpses.
  • Factions. Players are able to join other factions and gain XP for their faction. Factions will be able to spend their earnt XP soon.
  • MP5, and SMGs have been added to pursuits.
  • Pay N' Sprays have been added around San Andreas.
  • Players can switch into a free seat in a vehicle during the first 30 seconds of a round.
  • New login screens have been added.
  • AK-47s are now only deployed when there are players who can take an M4 out of the gunrack.
  • Annotated Messages are now not visible through walls.
  • Healing system with items available to buy in pharmacies at hospitals around San Andreas.
  • A new DM lobby map by buq.
  • A few more commands have been added for the freeroam lobbies.
  • A Tactical Situation is now run after 4 pursuits.
Improvements and fixes
  • The gunrack has had a major overhaul with both a text and a menu based system.
  • A vulnerability with the animation preloader which caused player crashes with long animation libraries has been resolved.
  • Tacitcal Situations actually now start after a few pursuits.
  • A 0.3.DL bug has been fixed which allows players to successfully re-connect after losing connection. /login? Pfft.
  • Criminals who have used a firearm cannot leave a round anymore.
  • Fixes an issue with the player object attachment system returning wrong item names.
  • Changes have been made to the way we store data in preparation for the GTAV project.
  • 100+ new interiors around San Andreas.
  • Players cannot switch lobbies when the second lobby finding algorithm is in use.
  • Removed the 'f' prefix from freeroam commands.

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